Rhipsalis salicornioides - Dancing Bones Cactus

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Size 3.5" pot

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This is definitely an interesting variety. The Dancing Bones Cactus sprouts thin new stem segments that bulge, resembling finger bones that go in every direction. Also called Bottle Cactus, its segments are also thought to take on the shape of a bottle. Its tubular stems are many and bushy for a cactus. This is a tropical cactus that will not hurt you with spines. 

This plant is found sprouting from tree trunks in Southeastern Brazil and natural likes the shade with just some morning sun. Will do well as your next houseplant addition.

Light Level

Bright Indirect Light, Part Shade, Protect from hot afternoon sun


Likes more water than other succulents - don't let it stay dry too long

Shipping Notes

Pot and soil included