Hi! I'm Amie, the owner of Vivid Root. I started this business to share my succulent obsession with others. I've always been a garden and botany geek, so this is the perfect way for me to spend even more time surrounded by plants. I just love watching them grow and change. Plus, gardening is a big source of peace and relaxation for me.

In October 2018 I decided that the stress of working in the tech industry was not for me. So, I quit my job and immersed myself in plants full time. In October 2019 my dogs and I moved to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains so I would have space to expand. Now I have a big greenhouse with lots of space for propagation. In my spare time, you will find my in my garden where I grow veggies and flowers. I might also be hiking, knitting, drawing, or working on some other creative project.

The plants I sell are either propagated by me, purchased locally, or imported. I focus on rare plants that are not widely available, so you can always find something special in my shop. I’m always planting more, but often things are rare because they grow slowly, so some plants can take quite a while to come back in stock. 

This business is my passion and my life. I want you and your plants to succeed and be happy! If something isn’t right I will fix it. I love getting to know my customers, and I pride myself on giving the highest quality experience to everyone. If you have any feedback or ideas for me, please share!