Crassula ausensis

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Size 3.5" pot

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Crassula ausensis loves shooting out of rock crevices and as a result, will do well in your rock garden. As a native of the quartz and granite landscape of Namibia, it likes to stay low growing and small so it doesn't stick out too far from the rocky terrain. They bloom in late fall with white flowers. They can handle a wide range of light levels, from part sun to mostly shade. Of course like most succulents they tend to look their best with higher light levels.

Light Level

Full Sun, Part Shade


Let dry before watering again - water deeply

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Shipped bare root, pot and soil not included
Crassula Crassula is a genus of succulent plants within the Crassulaceae family, comprising about 200 accepted species. While native to various parts of the world, most cultivated Crassulas originate from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. These plants are characterized by alternating pairs of leaves along their stems, which can vary greatly in shape, size, and texture, often displaying colors highlighted with red, especially under stress. Crassulas range in size from less than an inch to six-foot shrubs and can be fuzzy, smooth, pointy, or round. They are usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings and can tolerate mild frost, but extreme temperatures may cause them to lose leaves or die. A few species are monocarpic, dying after flowering. However, most show a burst of new growth after flowering.