There are many types of succulents, and most succulents of the same type have similar needs. So, if you know which type of succulent you have you are well on your way to treating it right! In these articles you can learn the basic traits of each type, plus what they need to thrive, and what is super special and fun about them. I know there aren’t many here yet, but I’m adding more as fast as I can!


Adromischus have a wide variety of leaf colors, shapes, and sizes. Some have very small stems, with the leaves sprouting from the base of the

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crassula deceptor


Crassulas are a large group of succulents, often characterized by pairs of alternately stacked leaves. Many have a very pleasing symmetry because of this leaf

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Echeverias are one of the most common and popular genera of succulents. They have very short stems which are densely packed with a rosette of leaves.

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Lithops are small plants that grow naturally in extreme desert conditions. They basically have 2 water-filled leaves, and roots coming out of the bottom of

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